Della Harris

Della Harris is a singer, songwriter, wife and mother, born in the heart of rural Victoria and now living in Melbourne raising her family.


She’s a story teller - her authentic stories come from real life and resonate happily with her audiences.

‘It has been quite an emotional journey finding my own voice – I feel like I have something worthwhile to share, an interesting life story to tell and my music is the vehicle for that’ Della.

Roll Of A Dice

New Video

Following the incredible success of her single ‘Long As You’re Lonely’, which reached #2 on the National Country Tracks Top 30 and was added to the Fresh Country Editorial playlist on Spotify, Della Harris releases her latest single – ‘Roll Of A Dice’.

‘Roll Of A Dice’ has a hypnotic feel that perfectly suits Della’s smooth vocals, and hooks you in with a lyric that everyone can relate to.

“After a friend of mine’s brother was involved in a freak accident, I was contemplating life and how easily things can change from one day to the next - from the highest of highs, to the depths of despair and everywhere in-between.  It made me realise that even though bad things happen and we want to hide away from them, we still need to live life to the full, because we never know what the future holds and it can all just change with the ‘Roll Of A Dice’. Della Harris

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